Bar Layout

Bar Layout

Now let’s talk about how a bar is typically laid out and where supplies are located. The front of the bar is where the customer comes to order a drink and this is referred to as ‘The Wood’. It consists of the Bar Top where drinks are prepared and presented. When a drink is placed on the wood, it is ready to serve. 

The lower area below the wood typically consists of an ice well, a spill sink, A hand washing sink and a bar rail.

bar setup.jpg

Down front here we have what is called the bar rail. The purpose of the bar rail is to provide the bartender with fast access to the most popular bar brands of alcohol as well as juices and mix. Bar Brands are typically the most cost effective spirits used for basic mixed drinks. Commonly used Premium Spirits may also be in the rail to allow bartenders to more quickly make those house cocktails calling for premium spirits.

Common pop, soda, and juice mixes will likely come from a multi button pop gun at your bar. Examples include Coke, 7-Up, Ginger Ale, Cranberry Juice, Soda Water, Tonic Water, etc. Codes for each mix vary from bar to bar so this is one of the first things to confirm on day one of your job.

Liquor guns may be available in nightclubs. These guns are calibrated to dispense 1 oz, or 30ml, measures of liquor to minimize spillage. Odd numbers might be white spirits (vodka, gin, white rum) and even numbers brown spirits (whiskies, dark rum, tequila). Confirm what comes from each button when you start at a new bar

The back bar is where premium alcohol, liqueurs, and glassware are kept. The layout of this will vary from bar to bar but it is important for a new bartender to quickly learn the layout of the back bar and which brands of alcohol are carried at the bar.

Fridges are typically located on the floor, below the backbar. Many have a glass sliding door to showcase what you have stored. Fridges are heavy, especially when full of bottles and cans and are best situated on the floor. Ensure easy access to the contents in your fridges so you can get what you need.

On the floor we’ve got special mats. These are anti-fatigue mats that make it easier when on your feet for hours at a time. If a glass or bottle gets dropped, the mat can save you from breakage. They also act as additional traction when the floor gets wet, and it will get wet. Make sure these mats are removed at the end of the shift so the floor can be thoroughly cleaned.